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In order to earn extra credit, write a one to two page reaction paper about the event (what was talked about? what interested you most? what did you learn? what questions do still you have? how did the event relate to our class?…) and post it on your blog no later than 10 days after the event.

 If you know of an event in Queens that is related to topics discussed in class, please let me know and I am happy to add it to this list.)

172 Allen Street @ Stanton (in the Lower East Side), Manhattan

Friday, March 5th @ 7PM – $5 Suggested
Presentation: Prometheus Radio “Participatory Community Media”
As media ownership is increasingly centralized, communities in Latin America have been turning to radio and are building local media projects to support campaigns resisting corporate globalization. Please join folks from Prometheus Radio Project and Palabra Radio and learn about participatory community media projects throughout the hemisphere.
Saturday, March 6th @ 7PM – $5 Suggested
Presentation: Mark Anderson “Punk Politics Presently”
With Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile
A scene of outsiders no more, punk is now aligned with mainstream politics.
President Obama counts ‘punk rock performance poets’ as influences and Shepard Fairey provided the iconic imagery for the Obama campaign. Nonetheless, punks and the do-it-yourself crowd continue to provide grassroots tactics for building a pervasive social justice movement. Please join Mark Anderson (author of “Dance of Days” and co-founder of Positive Force DC) and Allison Wolfe (co-creator of “Girl Germs” zine and Riot Grrrl musician) for a presentation and discussion of the influence of punk on today’s political scene.

451 West Street (between Bank & Bethune Streets), Manhattan

Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 7:30 PM
Slide Show & Discussion
The Struggle for Free Speech at CCNY 1931-42
Carol Smith & Others TBA
This power point presentation of police surveillance photographs, graphics, and cartoons    documents the rising tide of student and faculty activism at the City College of New York that was spawned by the Great Depression and the rise of fascism in Europe. The student protest and faculty union organizing brought repeated crackdowns by the administration. A legislative investigation ultimately resulted in the dismissal of over 50 City College of New York faculty and staff-the largest single political purge of academics in US history.
This presentation is based on a traveling exhibit which can be seen online at www.virtualny.cuny.edu. Click “The Struggle for Free Speech at CCNY.”
Carol Smith is a retired faculty member from CCNY.
Sliding scale: $6/$10/$15

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