For next week

Since you are all working tirelessly on your midterms, there are no new readings assigned for next Monday. Just make sure you complete the readings posted for this week!

If you missed either last class or (the beginning of) class today, please make sure to complete the following:

* write a detailed blog entry about your final project idea. It should be 2+ paragraphs, describing your topic and your possible methodology in as much detail as possible. Please, also add the name of your collaborator, if you have one. (If you work in a group, make sure both of you post your proposal.)

* I have assigned you to a “comment group” ( Find your name on there, and write a comment to the project proposal on both your group members’ blog entries. This comment should be in form of an (intelligent) question or recommendation (Just imagine you had my role for a moment).

* if you had posted your proposal on Monday already, please see the comments from your fellow group mates and write a reply (in form of another comment) as if you would respond to them. Please refer to them personally by their usernames.

I will grade your blogs on Friday for the first time. Grades will be posted on Blackboard.

Keep tagging your blogs! 🙂

Good luck for the midterm! Email me with questions.

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