Presentations and Final Papers

Here is a summary of announcements made in class today:


The schedule of presentations is posted below. Your presentations should be in powerpoint format (talk to me if you intend to use a different software so we can make sure it’s available in our classroom!) and focus on your field research and findings. Just imagine you would create this presentation for yourself: what is your topic and why did you choose it? what is most interesting to talk about / to present / to discuss from your project? What did you find out and how does that relate to your hypothesis and/or what you read about the topic? You can add facts and arguments from your background research but please don’t make us listen to a reading of your literature review. Also, make it a *visual* presentation: use your pictures, images you used during research and you are welcome to add others (respect copyright and privacy, of course). You have 5 min for your presentation.

Please post your presentation on the discussion board on Blackboard, on the day of your presentation by noon, so I can upload it on the computer in the classroom in time.

Please contact me if you want to include video in the presentation (if we didn’t talk about it today already).

I expect all students to be present on both presentation days. You will be assigned a “buddy” for comments and discussion, so everyone will be busy on both days!

You are welcome to bring food to share on the day of the presentations.



Your final papers are due on May 19 at noon. You will have to post your paper on Blackboard (on the relevant discussion board which will go up on May 17) AND leave a hard copy in my mailbox in the sociology department. The handout for the format of the final paper is posted here.

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