Schedule for Presentations

May 12

Amaru and Devin            The Significance and Meaning of Tattoos

Lorena                                 Tattoo Culture in America

Halie and Rachel              Greek Community: Hazing Rituals as Part of the Pledging Process

Nisha                                     Bullying in and beyond High School

Stephanie                            Men’s Views of Masculinity and Homosexuality

Edtricia                                 Uncharted Territory: African-American Museums in New York City

Nalicia                                  Ethnic Foods in NYC: Halal Street Vendors

Elizabeth & Kanwal    The Varied Influence of American Culture on Mexican and Pakistani Weddings

Lila and Lindsey                      Cupcake Culture in New York City

May 17

Caitlyn                    Mario and the Princess: Developers and Gamers of Adult Video Games

Julia                         Women in Music Videos

Veronica                Attitudes toward Underground and Mainstream Hip-Hop

Bianca & Christine                Body Image and Gender among Dance Groups

Helen                       Beauty and Gender / Ethnicity / Religion

Lauren & Sarah           Attitudes tow. Women’s Beauty by Age and Gender

Zhuoxi                    Effect of Mass Media on Perception of Beauty

Parker                                     Busking in New York’s Subway

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