About this class

What is visual sociology? Visual sociology involves the use of photographs, film, and video to study society, as well as the study of the visual artifacts of a society.

This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic theories that illustrate the value of images for sociological inquiry, and to explore the principal methodologies that have been developed and used by visual researchers of the field. The course will specifically focus on the use of photographs and videos to analyze the relationships that the image can establish among the researcher, the images utilized for the research and the subjects of the research.

This course will cover the following topics and answer some of the following questions:

– What is visual sociology? What is visual ethnography? – an introduction to methodologies and ethical considerations in visual research

– How to “write” with images and how to write about images. Learn how to conduct social research using visual methods as well as how to view, interpret, and analyze the works of others. What are the various means to visualize, interpret, and represent social phenomena, social problems, and social change?

–  Examine and assess your own responses to visual works in various contexts. Learn how to interpret your own visual work through a sociological lens.

CLASS SYLLABUS: Syllabus vissoc spring10

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