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For this blog entry, you will start the literature/background as well as methodology sections of your final paper. Part of the assignment are also ethical considerations when conducting your research.

Your entry should consist of the following:

– ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of at least three academic references; i.e. the proper citation for each reference (check your textbooks if you can’t remember how to cite properly) and a paragraph summarizing the content of the article/book, and an explanation of how it relates to your project. If you are working in a team, each teammember will have to review at least two different sources.

Remember: for your final paper, you will have to include at least 5 academic references.

– METHODOLOGY: describe in detail what methods (visual as well as non-visual) you will use conducting your research, and explain WHY you chose them (what information do you hope to gain from these methods / what use will that information have in your overall project?).

– ETHICS: what are the ethical considerations for your project, concerning privacy, informed consent, copyright, harm/benefits etc? How do you plan to deal with them?

This entry is due on your blogs on Wed, April 14, at 1pm.

Post two pictures on your blog, both relating to the topic of your final project:
* one you have taken yourself
* one you have found somewhere (a historical picture, a family picture, etc). Make sure that you have permission to post the pictures you have “found” and reference their source or origin properly. Here are is a list of links for public domain or creative-sommons licensed content:
Choose meaningful pictures and write a short paragraph each about how they relate to your topic.
Post both pictures and your notes on your blog by Wednesday, March 24, at noon.


Blog Assignment for Feb 22:     Getting to Know Your Eyes

Find somewhere to sit.  Look around you.  What do you see?  Describe the space in one paragraph (about six sentences.)  Pay attention to details—the colors or textures you see, the physical objects in the space, the interactions between people, the quality of the light.  Try to take one photograph that illustrates your paragraph.   Post both your paragraph and your photo on your blog by Saturday, Feb 20, 8pm.

Leave a comment on two of your classmates’ second blog entries (one comment on each blog). In your comment, talk about what *you* see in the picture that your classmate posted, and how it relates to his/her paragraph. Remember our class discussion on a picture’s frame, content, composition, color, “feeling” or atmosphere, time and place etc, as well as the photographer’s intention when taking the picture. Please leave your comments by Monday, Feb 22, 11am.


Blog Assignment for Feb 8:     Introducing Yourself

Take one photograph that illustrates something you would like us to know about yourself, and write one paragraph about yourself, and the picture. (You will post both your paragraph and your photo on your blog as soon as we are all signed up.)

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